The Year of Organisation … AND Recipe Planning … AND Shopping Online !!!

It’s been a long time since I did anything with my Recipe Blog.

This year I have dubbed “The Year of Organisation”.  I’m slowly going through my house and decluttering, tidying and generally getting rid of “stuff” which I neither use, nor want, any more.  It’s a great feeling.

I am also seeking to simplify my life at home by producing a Menu Plan, Shopping Lists to go with the Menu Plan, and typing up the Recipes I use.

I’m not sure if others are like me, but my week consists of going to work, taking the kids to various after school events, arriving home around 5pm then thinking “What on Earth am I going to cook for dinner”?!  Generally I haven’t thought to take something out of the freezer to defrost – which means bunging something in the microwave to be zapped – then cobbling together something edible enough for the troops and I to eat – before the big clean up and falling into bed exhausted – ready to do it all again the next day.  Oh and in between helping with homework, hanging out or sorting washing and a bit of cleaning and tidying thrown in for good measure.

I’ll be honest – cooking is not my most favourite thing in the World to do.  If I could – I would just take a pill to satisfy my dietary requirements – and that would be just fine and dandy with me.  However I have 3 young bodies living in my house who need nutritious meals (and to learn HOW to cook food for themselves) – and so – I cook!

The question was – how to organise myself a little better?  I came up with the idea of a Menu Plan – then thought I would need something for more than just one week.  I pulled out my recipe books and wrote down 25 meals that I cook regularly (and which generally the fussiest of my 3 children will eat).  Then I made a rough Menu Plan for a 5 week period.

I only cook 5 meals a week because my children are with their Dad a few weeks a night, and then I have leftovers or cheese on toast – but I’m sharing this with the idea that you can come up with your own Recipe Plan for what works in your family situation.

Anyway … I mentioned on a Facebook post that I had put together a Menu Plan – and it seems there was some interest in what I was up to – and would I be willing to share?

So this is a start for those of you who are interested.  I will make several different posts that you can look at for the different aspects of what I’ve been up to.  Feel free to copy and paste into a Word or Excel document on your own computer – then make it your own.

Happy Organising, Menu Planning, Shopping and Cooking everyone!

Fi 🙂


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